Czerka Corporate Labs (HM)

Alright, so you’re having trouble getting through the hard mode of SWtOR’s new flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs.  Guess what?  It’s really not hard at all.  There are plenty of things you and your friends can do to make this one of the simplest hm flashpoints in the game. 

The very first thing to make your visit to the lab stress free is to find simple ways to clear those trash mobs.  Fortunately, the atrium-like designed space is perfect to push mobs off the edges.  Make sure to bring a Jedi or two along for those nifty pushes.  It helps if party members will stagger their knockbacks to ensure efficiency.  Don’t forget to pick up security cards from rooms adjacent to the spiraling walkways that the mobs are on.  The cards spawn in semi-random spots, but turning your camera to look down on your toon can be an easy way to see over pesky cubicle walls.

Once you’ve got these security cards, you’re ready for the first (and most annoying) boss.  Once the switch is flipped, the boss appears from out of the water.  There is a large enough piece of junk off to the right side that the healer should stand behind.  This boss has a pull, so as long as the healer is safely nestled away in this hidey spot, the worst that can happen are a few pesky interrupts.  The tank (and any melee dps) should move out of the water when it becomes electrified.  Adds pop up about the time the water gets electrified, so it’s helpful to try and keep adds in the water (use those knockbacks!!).  If any dps gets pulled back to the boss while the water is electrified, a Jedi sage can easily use rescue to save them.  If no one is dying, the healer should help dps, and at least pop some dots on the boss throughout (this option is useful if your dps is under geared… or just bad).  The boss paces back and forth a bit when not engaged, so if the party is willing to wait, the boss will come within 28-29m of the healer’s hidey spot – perfect range for a Jedi Sage to throw up some damage casts.

The second boss has two attacks to look out for, an aoe that follows a red reticle, and a frontal cone attack.  This guy requires the tank to keep his attention away from the group while using the attack with the frontal cone.  Tanks should put their back up against arms cases (which the boss will jump to while upping his arms level).  Unlike the boss in Hammerstation, this guy will follow the tank with his frontal cone.  Running may turn the boss on dps or the healer!  The aoe deals massive damage.  A red reticle will pop up before the explosions goes off.  If you are running with a Jedi Shadow/Sage (basically anyone who might put glowing spaces on the floor) pay special attention in an effort to escape from locations marked by the red reticle.  This reticle is placed on a player that becomes targeted by the boss when he reaches arms level 5.  The tank cannot taunt the boss off for that attack. Otherwise, this guy is really easy.

When you get to the experiments, you’ll probably notice that the blue and red experiments are ANTIGENS to each other.  Guess what?  That means you can use them against each other – which is great for the final boss.  Focus the (TG-5 Experiment) BLUE experiments with damage to force them into chemical attraction – then the experiments blow each other up.

The final boss, Ramsus Bly, is in a room filled with his little projects.  They are just like the experiments from earlier, but they also put a dot on random members of your party.  These adds also dot random players, the healer should cleanse these off.  They are red and/or blue.  The faster those dots are cleansed and the more you focus the blue experiments, the faster the adds will die.  Once they are taken care of, burn the boss – this is the easiest fight in the flashpoint.

Congratulations – Victory is yours!


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